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Villa types

  • Sultan Palace

    Bedroom, Dining Room, Fitness Room, Servant Room, Dressing Room, Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom

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    Facilities: 680 m2, Air Conditioning, Wifi, Telephone, Television, Home Cinema, Coffee Machine, Turkish Bath, Sauna, Hot Tub, Terrace

    Villas privileges: Special Welcoming at the Airport, VIP Transfer, Butler Service, Dry Cleaning, Daily Newspaper, Turn Down Service, Private Beach Suite at the Beach

  • Ela Palace

    Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom

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    Facilities: 297 m2, Air Conditioning, Wifi, Telephone, Television, Home Cinema, Coffee Machine, Turkish Bath, Sauna, Hot Tub, Terrace

    Villas privileges: Special Welcoming at the Airport, VIP Transfer, Butler Service, Dry Cleaning, Daily Newspaper, Turn Down Service, Private Beach Suite at the Beach


Food & Beverages Services

ENDERUN MAIN RESTAURANT At the Topkapı Palace, those chosen to be statesmen and artists were given special education at the Enderun School. This is the story of the name of our main restaurant Enderun! With Enderun’s quality service and specially designed architecture you will have an experience beyond the open-buffet service you are used to. In the Enderun Restaurant, you find treasures from the Turkish and international cuise at the open buffet at breakfast, lunch, dinner and night snack. A special open buffet for children, a “Baby Corner” for new moms, the “Diet Buffet” for diabetics and those who are on a diet. Your drinks are served to your table at Enderun as in all à la carte restaurants and snacks bars. Enderun Restaurant addresses not only your palate but the pleasure of the eye, too, with original artistic presentations of the Turkish as well as French, Italian, Fareast, Mediterranean dishes and seafood. We invite guests staying 14 days for a culinary journey every day. Hidden treasures of the Turkish and world cuisines await to be explored by you. Bon appetit!

EVERLAND Q KIDS RESTAURANT Our children are precious for us... One of the privileged services we offer to little guests is an open buffet at a special location. Lunch buffet, ice cream, pie, cake and fruit time, dinner buffet. Buffet, tables and chairs set up for children’s size. Parents are confident because everything is selected considering their health. There is a special Child Buffet at Enderun for those little guests who want to eat at the main restaurant and a Baby Corner for new moms where they can prepare infant formula for their babies.

KUŞHANE - A LA CARTE RESTAURANT At Kuşhane, named after the kitchen where food was cooked for sultans of the Ottoman palace, food is cooked for you this time. Its decoration with traces from the 18th century, its hand-carved door completed in nine months, specially designed carafes, wineglasses and sherbet cups create a magical ambience... A matchless rich menu cooked from rare recipes from Ottoman palace cuisine of the 14th-19th centuries, blends with the delicate tunes of the Classical Turkish Music. “Lamb Cooked in Grape Molasses with Quince” that was awarded a gold medal in the section of Masters of Lamb Dishes leaving behind 20 domestic and 20 international rival teams at the International Gastronomy Contest, and “Fish Wrapped in Eggplant Slices” (Balık İslim Kebabı) which was awarded a Merit Prize in the Local-Original Cuisine section, are among the dishes offered in the menu of Kuşhane.

TEPPANYAKI HIDA - A LA CARTE RESTAURANT TEPPANYAKİ HİDA - A LA CARTE RESTORAN “Teppan meaning” iron sheet” and “Yaki” meaning grill combine to offer you the one and only Teppanyaki restaurant that features selected food from the traditional Japanese cuisine at 6 “hot tables”. Exotic tastes of the classical Japanese cuisine are at your service at the Teppanyaki Hida Restaurant of the Ela Quality Resort with a modern presentation, decoration and service. “Hot table” Teppanyaki shows displayed in front of your eyes by talented chefs: Heart Attack, Mickey Mouse, Flame and Billowing Volcano; and Sushi-Sashimi shows with its rich menu offering 75 different dishes to choose from will take you from the warm climate of the Mediterranean into the mysterious atmosphere of the Far East. Are you ready?

LA PERLA - A LA CARTE RESTAURANT At the La Perla Italian A la Carte Restaurant, delightful tastes from carpaccio, pasta, risotto and salads of south Italy are crowned by the aroma of the rich red wine. Italian dishes served next to the pool accompanied by a splendid presentation of Napolitan tunes and arias take you to a Mediterranean journey. Shrimp Wrapped in Quails and Veal Steak Blended with Fresh Spices that were awarded the silver medal in the Modern Cuisine section of the International Gastronomy Contest are two fine examples of the dishes you should taste from our La Perla menu.

PASSION GOURMET - A LA CARTE RESTAURANT Fresh herbs of thousend-and-one shades of green, cheeses, delicious sauces and wines are presented in the menu of the La Passion restaurant. Here we offer you the most renowned examples of the French cuisine, famous for a rich choice and extraordinary aromas. Naturally, in a refined, romantic ambience with the tunes of French music and crowned by the fine products of the French vineyards. C’est la vie! The dish “Stuffed Morel Mushroom on Salmon Cake” that was awarded the bronze medal in the Masters of Mushroom Dishes section of the International Gastronomy Contest, where no gold medal was awarded, is one of the dishes on the Passion Gourmet menu you must have tasted!

LA SALSA - A LA CARTE RESTAURANT Another taste stop at Ela Quality Resort is Mexico. Mexican cuisine that owes its widening popularity all over the world to its great variety of dishes coming from all corners of the country is fed by imagination; and La Salsa offers you an extensive menu. This restaurant is exactly for those guests who want to enjoy authentic Mexican dishes like Tortilla soup, Quesadillas, Nachos, Fajitas with an innovative presentation! Especially those guests who like to fire up their blood with chili pepper are invited to La Salsa!

ALARGA - A LA CARTE RESTAURANT “ALARGA”, which means anchoring of ships offshore, far away from the coast, awaits you just next to our hotel building. Would you start your fish feast with Turkish side dishes or international cold starters? Would you like fresh season fish cooked Turkish style or fish fillets prepared with sauces or big fish fried whole? A seafood feast at the Alarga might be a good opportunity for our foreign guests to meet with raki? What do you think? Alarga, with its charged or free special menu options prepared from Mediterranean sea food, is for those guests who cannot resist seafood. The most important aspect of our Alarga menu is that different alternatives of cooking and serving are offered according to the characteristics of various national cuisines.

Perla Bistro Snack Perla Bistro - Snack Restoran In fact it is quite unjust to define Perla Bistro a snack bar, because its menu deserves more respect! A lunch that turns into a feast with artistic presentations... The À la carte menu of the pool snack bar, where even drinks are served to the tables, comprises the various delicacies of the Turkish and international cuisines. Hors d’oeuvres, pasta, pizzas, sandwiches & burgers, salads, main dishes and desserts... Perla Bistro is the indispensable address of those guests who stay at Lake Houses. Be prepared for the artistic show on your plates!

Kalamata Pool Snack Kalamata Pool Snack - Snack Restoran Kalamata Snack Bar is the go-to place for some tasty snacks while on the beach or by the pool. Dive into great snacks and flavours without having to leave the sun and beach behind.

Sofa Snack Sofa - Snack Restoran For the quick hunger, without getting far away from the beach, Sofa is serving fast Turkish food right at the beach. Hard to choose between gözleme (Turkish pancakes), börek (pasties), pide (Turkish pizza) and pita bread.

AB-I HAYAT BAR AB-I HAYAT BAR Ab-ı Hayat, water of life or water of aliveness, is the legendary drink that is believed to give the eternal life to one who drinks it... In the Ab-ı Hayat bar, located in the lobby, you may render your holiday memories unforgettable. With tunes of harp or piano, you will feel in a palace from the very first moment. Ab-ı Hayat is at your disposal during the day with unique presentations of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Real “lemonade” which has a great place in our culture but is about to be forgotten due to artificial imitations is one of the indispensable drinks for our little guests.

MEN’S CLUB BAR MEN’S CLUB IRISH PUB You will have taste of a real Irish Pub at Men’s Club, The ambiance of our bar, which features live music performances from time to time, will turn sports programs into an exciting event.

GAME ZONE BAR GAME ZONE BAR The Game Zone is part of the 24 hours bar, a place for fun and games, for those who want to live all 24 hours of the day. Bowling, billiards, playing tables and machines... this and more awaits you in the Game Zone!

BEACH BAR BEACH BAR We come to your rescue before salt and heat overwhelm you as you enjoy sea, sand and sun. The Beach Bar at a few steps distance to the beach will cool you with non-alcoholic drinks and beer while you work on your tan.

PIER BAR PIER BAR Can you imagine that one of the largest piers of the region would lack a bar? While you enjoy the Mediterranean and the sun on our pier, you can freshen up with non-alcoholic cold drinks. The Pier Bar also hosts unforgettable parties in the form of the weekly “Pier Party”. Live music, DJ performances, dance shows, sound and light shows, and maybe jet-ski shows on the sea. Ela Quality Resort Belek Pier Bar, the true address of Pier Parties!

POOL BAR POOL BAR The Pool Bar is located next to our main pool with its wide pool areas and will refresh you with a glass of something after swimming. We recommend you to try special cocktails unique to Ela Resort at this bar where alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served to your table. The Pool Bar which cools you off in the day, heats up your nights with the live music and dance performances and DJ parties it hosts...

TEENBAR TEENBAR Would we forget our young guests? Barteen, with its special design for our guests between 13-17 years of age. A special bar, where non-alcoholic drinks are served, DJ courses held, billiards, play station... The older generation will envy you, but this place is for young people only...

VITAMIN BAR VİTAMİN BAR The Vitamin Bar is located right at the entrance of the relaxation area allocated to the guests of Ab-ı Zen SPA & Rituals Lounge after their sessions of special treatment and massage, except the Turkish bath, sauna and outdoor and indoor pools. The fruit, the freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices along with herbal teas will take you into another world after your massages and treatments in the spa centre.

TOMBEKI BAR TÖMBEKİ BAR Traditional shisha enjoyment accompanied by turkish coffee and turkish tea is at Tömbeki Bar!

HEAT ON SOUTH DISCO BAR HEAT ON SOUTH DISCO BAR Heat on South is a true night club with its quality sound and lighting system and special ambience! Our disco enhances the rhythm of the night by merging music and dance with DJ performances that carry the heat of the southern beaches into your nights.


AB-I ZEN Spa & Wellness is truly an oasis of brilliant architecture set on 4500 m² for guests who want to relax with great massages and therapies... AB-I ZEN offers 160 treatments and therapies in which it uses 100% organic and natural products. Come and discover the mesmerising world of water...

Entertainment & Mini Club


Daytime: Yoga, Body Balance, Zumba, Entertainment Zumba, Fitness, Step, Cycling, Abdomen, Hips and Thighs Training, Step Aerobics, Water Gymnastics, Classic Water Gymnastics, Pilates, Dynamic Water Aerobics, Kangoo Jumps, Kangoo Run, Streching, Kids Yoga, Rhythmic Walking Canes, Rhythmic Walking, Speed Bike, Yoga Meditation, Dance, Aerobics, Body Workout, Trampoline Workout, Aero Latino, Sea Gym.

Night: Live music, Dance Shows, Karaoke, Disco, Cinema, Grand Gala Night, Pier Parties, Amphitheatre shows, Billiards, Playstation, Computer games, Game Machines.

Sports: Ela Quality Resort Belek unites the most beautiful shades of green and blue with the great energy of sports. Ela Resort offers countless water sports, beach volleyball, tournaments, badminton, boccia, water polo, basketball, table tennis, tennis, shuffle board, pool games, football, mini golf and much more.

Mini Club:

Everland Q Kids Club, the amazing activity and entertainment complex designed for kids and teenagers, has everything to make kids feel special. Kids who are a member of the Everland Q Kids Club get to play while learning and learn while playing with day-long activities. Everything at Everland Q is designed for kids so that they can make new friends, play with kids their own age without needing their family and jump into a world of imagination. At Everland Q Kids Club, your children will also get to make the best of their Ela Resort holiday. Everland Q consists of privileged sections and services for the unique holiday fun of our guests between 1 and 17 years of age. Everland Q welcomes little guests with the “Child Reception” to make them feel their privilege that starts with their first step into the hotel. Everland Q check-in procedures are performed with specially designed registration cards, every detail about the guest is written down during registration and the badge that will be used during the stay is handed over. Families can get information about the activities of the kids club at this desk. Little guests who proceed to their rooms after check-in find their little teddy bears in their beds, and milk and corn flakes in the minibar. This is not all! Their shampoo that does not irritate eyes, pink or blue bathrobes depending on their sex and slippers are meant to make them feel at home. To get to the Everland Q building, our guests just follow the paw prints of the Teddy Q Bear, which is our mascot, from the children’s reception desk. There is a camera system working in the areas of activities in the Everland Q building. Families can watch the activities in the EQ through these cameras on the channels of the TV in their rooms. Everland Q gives service for 15 hours between 09:00-24:00. While the situation is somewhat different for the Smiling Babies Club, families can benefit from Everland Q facilities though they have to take responsibility of their babies out of the service hours. Everland Q’s “EQ Child Restaurant” is at the service of our children with an open buffet where only healthy food is presented, for lunch and dinner as well as at the tea hour. Everland Q serves babies and kids between 1-3 years of age in the “EQ Smiling Babies Club” specially designed for them. Our specially trained staff takes care of all the needs of our little guests. Everland Q has a mini cinema to show films and cartoons to children in their mother tongues in different language groups.

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Things to do - general

Belek is a township with own municipality in Serik district in Turkey’s Antalya Province. The local population varies between 750 and 10,000 in low and high season, respectively.Belek is one of the centers of Turkey’s tourism industry and is as such home to more than thirty four-star and five-star hotels and many other accommodation, services and entertainment facilities. The town and the surrounding area are famous for their spas and mineral waters received from seven springs. Belek is a developing golf center. In 2012 it hosted the Turkish Airlines World Golf Final[1] and in 2013 it hosted the Turkish Airlines Open.

Sports and nature

Sports and nature Tennis, Football, Water Sports, Golf, Basketball


Nightlife You can find a night club for your taste in Alanya.

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Culture & history Alanya is very rich in culture and history. It is the home of a lot of historical ruins and ancient city.
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