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Villa types

  • Superior Villa

    Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room

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    Facilities: 264 m2, Air Conditioning, Telephone, Television, Wifi, Minibar, Private Pool, Terrace

    Villas privileges: Butler, VIP Transfer, Laundry Service, Pavillion, Daily Newspapers

  • Pryamus Residence

    Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Security Room, Servant Room, Waiting Room

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    Facilities: 2000 m2, Air Conditioning, Wifi, Minibar, Telephone, Television, Hot Tub, Sauna, Turkish Bath, Fireplace, Pavillion, Private Parking Lot, Treadmill, Barbeque

    Villas privileges: VIP Transfer, Butler, Private Deck, Private Pavillion at the Beach

  • Paris Residence

    Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Guest Room

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    Facilities: 615 m2, Air Conditioning, Wifi, Minibar, Telephone, Television, Hot Tub, Fireplace, Refrigirator, Pavillion, Private Pool (Indoor and Outdoor)

    Villas privileges: VIP Transfer, Butler, Private Deck, Private Pavillion at the Beach

  • Helen Villa

    Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Guest Room

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    Facilities: 400 m2, Air Conditioning, Wifi, Minibar, Telephone, Television, Sauna, Fireplace, Pavillion, Private Pool (Indoor and Outdoor)

    Villas privileges: VIP Transfer, Butler, Private Deck, Private Pavillion at the Beach

  • Executive Villa

    Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room

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    Facilities: Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Guest Room

    Villas privileges: VIP Transfer, Butler, Private Deck, Private Pavillion at the Beach


Food & Beverages Services


RETRO PARTY: Unforgettable songs withstanding the times are combined with the rhythm of the music at Rixos Sungate... With the most popular tunes of the 80s and the 90s, you are invited to a fantastic journey back in time at Oldies & Goldies.

TODES : A dazzling mix of musical shows, ballet and break dance awaits the guests of Rixos Hotel. Being one of the most significant groups in its field, Todes got recognition with its performances in international organizations. Todes worked with world famous stars, such as Michael Jackson,Mariah Carey and Ricky Martin.

BBI. EXTREME: A spectacular adrenaline show presented by professional athletes and dancers… Dance, roller skate, bike shows and stunt shows, all in one…

RIXOS DANCE SHOW: 22 professional dancers... Acrobatic & Dance shows... Twice a week... During all summer season.

SWING LATINO: Swing Latino has been put together by director,dancer and choreographer Luis Eduardo Hernandez at the end of the 90s. Swing Latino, which is one of the most prominent dance and show groups in the world, took the stage in many countries and put forth unforgettable dance shows for thousands of spectators. The group, which received awards in many global dance contests, will meet the guests of Rixos Hotels with their unique shows.

AMAZING POOL PARTY: Join us for crazy splahing fun. Let’s be cool and hang out by the pool and enjoy the music. Summer is here, so let’s have some fun.

SPORTS & ACTIVITIES: Aqua Park: A thrilling aqua park experience is awaiting you. There are 11 water slides, 5 of which are for professional use. Come and join us for a different excitement. The swimming pools that are 110 cm deep and covering an area of 344 sqm will let you have a real experience of entertainment. There is also a magnificent aqua park for little guests. 6 different water slides will make the kids' day. The swimming pool at the Rixy Kingdom aqua park is 45 cm deep. Swimming Pool: Rixos Sungate has 12 swimming pools, 10 of which are outdoor and 2 indoor. All swimming pools have 140 cm depth in compliance with the world standards. Outdoor swimming pools cover a total area of 7.386 sqm. You are most welcome to enjoy unlimited services provided by Rixos Sungate. Terrace House swimming pool covers 299 sqm, the outdoor swimming pool in the main building covers 274 sqm. Both of them have maximum 140 cm depth. Fitness Centre: Shaping up and working out in comfortable places at Rixos Sungate! The fitness centre opens at 8 am every day and closes at 8 pm. Treat yourself with customised programmes under supervision of specialised trainers and consultants. An unprecedented comfort and state-of-the-art equipment as well as products are available for you: Treadmill, vertical elliptical trainer, horizontal elliptical trainer, rowing, step, multipurpose GYM instruments, dumbbell rack, dumbbell sets, chest press, shoulder press, leg press, seated row, leg extension, leg curl, flat bench, vertical knee raise, adjustable bench... Football pitch: Enjoy playing football directed by a referee on an artificial turf pitch in the hotel area every day. Basketball court: With its tartan ground for multipurpose use, the basketball court at Rixy Kingdom will add to your pleasure of enjoying your time. Tennis courts: Rixos Sungate tennis club has 4 tartan and 1 synthetic tennis court. The courts are lighted and open all day long until the evening hours. You can hire tennis equipment or get a private tennis course. Go-Kart track: Go-Kart track provides paid services between 10 am and midnight every day. Enjoy speeding up and the adrenalin boost on the go-kart track, which is accessible by shuttle services. Archery area: You can join the archery activities under supervision of the archery trainer at the specially designed area with a spectacular view every day. Enjoy your time. Shooting range: Beauty of the emerald green nature and superior concentration are combined. You can join air rifle and air gun activities under supervision of a trainer every day. Zip Line: Adrenaline rise at Rixos Sungate... ZipLine is inexplicably exciting. It is the first and only zipline in Turkey, the first one in the world hotels' concept, and is the longest in Europe. The 360 m long zipline adventure begins upon the hotel building and ends on the beach. "Junior track" designed for children is equally exciting. A sports activity performed by sliding on a rope tightened in between two points of different heights, with the help of one's own weight and gravity.

SPORTS ACTIVITIES: Fitness Centre, Billiards, Go-Kart, Tennis (4 tartan and 1 synthetic court), PlayStation (Free), Bowling (Paid), Zipline Track (long line paid), Parasailing (Paid), Banana (Paid), Water slide (Paid), JetSki (Paid), Parasailing (Paid), Canoe, Diving academy (Paid), Windsurfing (Paid. Free for licensed surfers), Catamaran and surfing courses (Paid), Football,

La Patisserie: Waking up to a morning with the charming smell of crispy croissants... Insanely desiring to gulp down something sweet and calming down with French cakes. You are most welcome to enjoy a special venue where special coffees prepared by well-trained baristas are served.

Villa Restaurant: Our restaurant is situated in a quiet and calm area. It serves the guests of 40 extraordinary villas exclusively. The restaurant offers a distinguished international cuisine with a private chef and professional staff. It is very well located in the middle of the villas.

Turqouise Restaurant: As the main restaurant at Rixos Premium Belek, Turqouise Restaurant provides services for breakfast, lunch, dinner and night meals. Serving world cuisine selections on open buffet, the restaurant is composed of 4 different parts, with a special area dedicated for children.Turqouise Restaurant has an indoor capacity for 980 people. Turqouise Restaurant serves brunch between 11 and 14 on every Sunday. You will never get enough of the rich dishes prepared by the master chefs.

La Rosetta Restaurant: Providing à la carte service, the restaurant specialises in the best examples of the Italian cuisine. Pizza, pasta, tagliatelle, risotto and many more prepared with the competence of the master chefs will be at your table in a traditional and authentic Italian ambience.

Layali Restaurant: How would you like dining in an enchanting fairy-tale ambience? Layali Restaurant offers an artistic world of culinary treats with excellent selections from the world cuisines. You will surely return once you step in this world.

L'amante Restaurant: The most distinguished and delicious examples of the French cuisine are at your service at Rixos Premium Belek. Breath-taking interior design and culinary art, created by the competent hands of master chefs, are combined at L'amante Restaurant.

Chef's Restaurant: Chef's Restaurant has a special concept designed for those who a prefer healthy diet. Providing à la carte service, the restaurant offers healthy foods, diet products and special drinks. There is always an eligible option for everybody at Rixos Premium Belek!

A’la Turka Restaurant: Do try the distinguished Ottoman cuisine at À la Turka Restaurant! Special dishes from the royal cuisine are combined with a service concept that is fit for the palace. The drinks are extraordinarily pleasant. Providing à la carte service, the restaurant's indoor and outdoor capacity is 168 people.

Mermaid Restaurant: For lunch and dinner, Mermaid Restaurant offers delicious food, perfect service and a pleasant ambience. You will love the easy-going and delicious snacks at lunch, and enjoy a large choice of fresh fish and sea food right out of the Mediterranean sea at dinner. If your taste is for fish products, you are a habitué of the Mermaid Restaurant.

Mandarin Restaurant: Mystical and spicy aromas from the Asian cuisine are the flair of the Mandarin Restaurant at Rixos Premium Belek. The most distinguished dishes are cooked and served with the competence of master chefs and staff. The restaurant provides à la carte service.

Yummy Restaurant: Yummy Restaurant will be an indispensible option for lunches with kids. Open buffet is rich and offers many alternatives for free.

Food Court Snack: Tell us what you want, the Food Court Snack team will make it real for you. While enjoying your time by the pool or by the sea, the most delicious and easiest way to assuage your hunger is the Food Court Snack. Refreshing drinks and delightful snacks will make your day.

Dem Cafe: You will melt away in the original decoration and nostalgic ambience at Dem Cafe, and be aware of the exraordinary atmosphere as soon as you step inside. Pick a spot where you feel most comfortable. The Chief Tea Maker who has expertise in tea-making after a long and elaborative training will approach your table with a special tea menu, and provide you with information about the tea assortment during a small introduction speech. If required, and considering your requests, the Chief Tea Maker will give you recommendations and help you make your choice. Tea is served in a classy manner. The primary task of the Chief Tea Maker is to answer your question(s) on tea and to serve the tea.

Sipping the tea of your choice, you will feel drifting to another world surrounded by the harmony of the beautiful smells of the tea assortment.

Rixos Lounge: Rixos Lounge is your host for the most special moments. Sipping the distinguished drinks and cocktails, you will enjoy your time in this relaxing decoration by the fireplace, library and in an elegant ambience.

Lobby Bar: A wide range of tea and coffee assortments is served with cookies and snacks at Lobby Bar. You will feel quite privileged while sipping the classical cocktails on the terrace with a vew of the pool.

Irish Bar: Enjoy the famous Irish beers and whiskys together with the lake view. The Irish Bar is one of the best addresses for never-ending chats, a warm ambience in a cool place.

Highlights Bar: Delicious frozen and special cocktails are prepared by expert barmen at Highlights Bar, which will be a colourful option during your stay.

Beach Bar: The breath-taking blue sea and the warming sunshine of the Mediterranean are emphasized by the special drinks and cooling cocktails at Beach Bar.

C Bar: Stimulate your energy with refreshing drinks at C Bar, when you feel thoroughly purified and fit after enjoying Royal SPA at Rixos Premium Belek.

Night Club: You will feel the excitement of pushing the limits at Night Club where entertainment at Rixos Premium Belek is at its peak.

Lotus Bar: An excellent pleasure of swimming pool, a warm sunbath, and the peaceful mood of your holiday are combined with the joy and luxury at the Lotus Bar. Every single detail has been considered for you.


Take a journey into your inner world… You will have exciting experiences in the dazzling serenity of Royal SPA at Rixos Premium Belek. On 4.500 sqm, Rixos Premium Belek Royal SPA offers relaxing alternatives for your peace of mind and rejuvenated body. You will feel alleviated at the massage and therapy parlours and beauty salons; you will purify your mind and body at the Turkish bath, classical bath and Russian bath; shape up at the indoor swimming pool and enjoy an actual comfort beyond your dreams at Rixos Premium Belek Royal SPA, where you will rediscover your inner world.

Massage Parlour, Classical massage, Bali massage, Thai massage, Indian massage, Royal SPA Signature massage, Eximia Body Shaping Programme, Luxury Facial Cares, Monoi de Tahiti massage (with organic oils), Hydro massage, Turkish bath massage, Therapy Parlour, Balneo therapy, Moss room, Cleopatra bathroom, Affusion room, Seaweed therapy, Beauty Saloon, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair cut, Hair care, Wax, Beard shaving, Skin care.

Classical Massage: Hard pats, rubbing and circular movements are applied to the body either in part or in full. It regulates blood pressure, helps to soothe the painful muscles, accelerates blood stream, and relaxes the body. Classical massage rejuvenates the tissues and cells, helps fight stress and fatigue. Massage Duration: 45 - 70 minutes.

Bali Massage: Traditional Bali massage technique is applied by using a set of oils accompanied by long, flexible and effective touches. The oils help to accelerate bloodstream, oxygen and energy flow of the body. Penetrating through the superficial layers of muscles, the massage ends with an in-depth awakening. Massage Duration: 45 - 100 minutes

Thai Massage: Thai massage is composed of rhythmical pressure and stretches along the energy lines of the body at a slow pace. Along the most important ten energy lines, it is applied by palms, thumbs, elbows and feet with a certain amount of pressure. The pressure releases the body tension. Masseuse/masseur gently shakes the body to open the joints and to facilitate stretching. Massage Duration: 45 - 100 minutes

Indian Massage: This is essentially a herbal massage. Indian massage is particularly recommended for those who have lost the body resistance due to a weak immune system, lack of vitamins and severe treatments. Aromatic oils are used for this massage. Massage Duration: 45 - 100 minutes

Balneo Therapy: Balneo therapy is a stimulating, harmonizing method in the form of bathing, drinking and inhalation cures with natural therapeutic factors. Used within the scope of hot spring cure, natural therapeutic factors are "healing water" extracted below the ground as well as mud and climatic elements. "Healing water", that is, thermal and mineral waters are the most common for natural therapeutic elements. Natural mud and gases are other elements that are used. Massage Duration: 30 minutes.

Moss Room: Recognised as one of the ancient methods used in Europe, the moss therapy is used for skin firming, anti-cellulite and local fat loss. Containing 10 times more oligo elements than sea water, the moss moisturises, purifies, nourishes and balances the skin.

Cleopatra Bathroom: We reveal the beauty secrets of Cleopatra, recognised as one of the most beautiful women in her days. Peeling, body-wrapping and special moisturizers will heal your body and your soul.

SERVICES: Paid services, VIP massage parlour, Hydro massage parlour, Jet shower, Seaweed therapy, Skin care, Classical massage, Thai massage, Indian massage, Bali massage, Royal SPA Signature massage, Eximia Body Shaping Programme, Luxury Facial Cares, Monoi de Tahiti massage (with organic oils), Balneo therapy, Turkish bath massage, Beauty centre, Hairdresser, Manicure, Pedicure.

Special SPA Packages: Free Services, Turkish bath (separated for men and women, and mixed), Recreation area, Tropical rain room, Russian bath, Classical bath, Snow room, Steam bath, Bio-steam bath, Indoor swimming pool with 3 water slides.

Entertainment & Mini Club

Entertainment at Rixos Premium Belek comes along with a different excitement, joy, happiness every night. It is like rediscovering unlimited sensations... You will have the privilege of blazing the trail in Turkey, and experience a new version of entertainment mixed into the admirable atmosphere of the Mediterranean at Rixos Premium Belek. Live performance of famous DJs, concerts, special parties, activities and events will make every moment of your holiday an unsurpassed fun. Our Aqua Park will be open on 6th of May. Working hours will be from 10:00 to 16:00.


Swimming Pools: Rixos Premium Belek has 6 swimming pools both indoors and outdoors of different dimensions. All of the adult swimming pools comply with the international standards and are 140 cm deep. The main swimming pool at Rixos Premium Belek is an outdoor pool covering an area of 3,115 square meters for a spacious swimming experience. Indoor swimming pools are available and at service for the guests that stay in villas; another outdoor swimming pool situated in the villa area has a surface of 3,900 square meters. The indoor swimming pool at Rixos Premium Belek is situated at the SPA area. Covering an area of 415 square meters, the heated swimming pool offers a soothing experience. There are also two different alternatives for children. The outdoor kids' pool that covers 153 square meters with a depth of 50 cm is at Rixy Club. The indoor kids' pool is situated at the SPA area, is 35 cm deep and covers an area of 52 square meters.

Aqua Park: There are 17 water slides with different lengths at the Aqua Park and they cover an area of 25 thousand square meters, appealing to children and adults for an exciting and entertaining experience. As one of the largest aqua parks in Europe and designed with the Troy motto, the park is beyond any expectations. You will have an extraordinary experience at the master blaster (a system with a water fountain up to 13 m height), intra-pool passage, 25 m high Trojan Horse which has 5 boat- water slides, 2 of which indoors and 3 outdoor swimming pools, the cave of a lost city, 14 m high watch tower that has 3 boat-water slides built like a Trojan ship; a kids' pool with 4 waterslides and water sprays, a hydro tube composed of 1 indoor water slide, multi-slide with special slide-mats, multiple water slides and a 360° adventure river. Furthermore, there is a special aquarium inside the Aqua Park that will enable you to take a closer look at the marine life. 4 mustelus (smooth-hound) sharks, speckled rays and moray eels will take you to an utterly exciting adventure.

Fitness Centre: The fitness centre provides service between 08.00 in the morning and 20.00 in the evening. Equipped with gadgets of the “Life Fitness Signature Series”, the fitness centre allows you to shape up under the supervision of expert trainers.

Sports Centre: Our guests at Rixos Premium Belek experience a uniquely different holiday with various kinds of sports, including unlimited aquatic sports, land sports, in- and outdoor sports. In addition, you can take part in special activities such as daily tournaments, pilates and yoga, TRX andCrossfit. The sports centre provides services in the "New Premium Concept" that has been revised, and hosts world famous professionals. You will experience an unforgettable moments while dancing Zumba, Kangoo Jump, Step Aerobic. One of the most famous sports trends, Tai-Chi, Jiu –Jitsu, Self Defence, Kung-Fu, Reiki, Meditation and Hypnosis will be at your service under the guidance of our professional coaches.

Rixos Sport Beach: Beach Football, Beach Voleyball, Tabata, Crossfit Games, TRX, Muscle Up.

Kangoo Jump: Losing weight in a fast and safe way has never been that easy and fun! Your legs and back will relax with kangoo jumps. Based on your body weight, Kangoo Jumps helps to ease rheumatic and spinal cord complaints. As it triggers the entire body, it slows down the bone and muscle aging and eliminates depression and stress. Attain the desired body form without diet with regular kangoo jumps sessions every day.

Tennis Courts: An unforgettable experience is awaiting the tennis enthusiasts at Rixos Premium Belek. 7 tennis courts with rigid grounds comply with the international standards. Tennis courts, equipment rent & sales and illumination service are also available against remuneration.

Football Pitch : Football has not been forgotten at Rixos Premium Belek. Enjoy the real football experience on the grass pitch of international dimensions.

Golf: There are 14 championship golf courses situated in 5 to 20 minutes distance from the Hotel. Free services available for the golf enthusiasts: VIP accommodation: fruit basket and wine on check-in day. Accommodation in sea view rooms (subject to availability). 'Turndown' service in the evening hours. Priority of booking at À la Carte Restaurant. One time complimentary treatment at Rixos Royal Spa ‘Thalasso Pool’ for guests staying 7 nights and more (30 min.). In the certain times of the day free shuttle service to/from golf courses (except Lykia Links Golf Club). Paid services available for the golf enthusiasts: ‘Tee Time’ booking opportunity. Golf lessons (scheduled with the pros on the course). Golf equipment rent & purchase (from the Golf Clubs)

SERVICES & FACILITIES: Football, Beach volley, Water polo, Aqua Park, Step and Aerobics, Fitness Centre (artistic gymnastics), Pilates, Yoga, TRX, Crossfit, Tai-Chi, Jiu-Jitsu, Archery, Pedalo, Canoe, Darts, Tennis (Tennis course, tennis equipment rent-/sale and illumination paid), Golf (Paid), Sailing catamaran (Paid), Jet Ski (Paid), Parasailing (Paid), Billiard (Paid), Bowling (Paid)

MINI CLUB: Kids will have a lot of opportunities at Rixos Premium Belek. At Rixos, children have the Rixy Club. Rixy Club offers an entertaining and educative world with special programmes and activities intended for children of the same age group. Rixos Premium Belek Rixy Club has a special restaurant for children, a kids' pool with a water slide, art studio, play station room, playpen especially designed for little ones, sleep room, kids' shows, mini amphitheatre and special movie theatre. There is also a special activity programme intended for youths of 13-17 years.

Services and Activities: Rixy Club antibacterial ground, Kids' train, Special shows, Rixy Farm (Organic vegetables and fruits for children), Kids' shows, Painting classes, Disco, Playpen, Bathrobe and slippers for children, Baby formula heater, Special kids' restaurant, Football pitch and basketball court, Aqua park, Special section for babies, Go-Kart and Paintball tournament (paid), Movie theatre, Horse farm tour (paid), Baby sitting (paid), Swimming lessons (paid).

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Things to do - general

Belek is a township with own municipality in Serik district in Turkey’s Antalya Province. The local population varies between 750 and 10,000 in low and high season, respectively.Belek is one of the centers of Turkey’s tourism industry and is as such home to more than thirty four-star and five-star hotels and many other accommodation, services and entertainment facilities. The town and the surrounding area are famous for their spas and mineral waters received from seven springs. Belek is a developing golf center. In 2012 it hosted the Turkish Airlines World Golf Final[1] and in 2013 it hosted the Turkish Airlines Open.

Sports and nature

Sports and nature Tennis, Football, Water Sports, Golf, Basketball


Nightlife You can find a night club for your taste in Alanya.

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Culture & history Alanya is very rich in culture and history. It is the home of a lot of historical ruins and ancient city.
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