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Villa types

  • Poseidon Presidential Villa

    Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Servant Room, Meeting Room, Waiting Room, Fitness Room

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    Facilities: 1500 m2, Air Conditioning, Minibar, Telephone, Hot Tub, Sauna, Fireplace, Private Bar, Barbeque, Terrace, DVD Home Cinema

    Villas privileges: Butler, Maid, Private Chef, Private Lounge at VIP Deck, Turn Down Service, Buggy, Laundry Service, Daily Newspapers, Private Pier

  • Grand Deluxe Villa

    Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Servant Room

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    Facilities: 241 m2, Air Conditioning, Minibar, Telephone, Hot Tub, Private Kids Pool, DVD Home Cinema

    Villas privileges: Butler, Daily Newspapers, Private Pier, Laundry Service

  • Deluxe Villa

    Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room

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    Facilities: Air Conditioning, Minibar, Television, Telephone, Refrigirator, Private Pool, Hot Tub, Terrace, Wifi

    Villas privileges: Fruit Service on Arrival


Food & Beverages Services

Restaurant Turkuaz: Open buffet selections from the world cuisine, diet food and kids' buffet are all in one at Restaurant Turkuaz... Having an indoor space and a gazebo, the restaurant is capable of serving 900 guests in total. It offers excellent dishes from world and local cuisines on theme nights, accompanied by the appropriate ambience. Different tastes, different flavours, the same happiness: everybody is having a good time at Turkuaz...

Restaurant Veranda: The guests at Rixos Sungate enjoy a delicious open buffet at brunch or dinner in Restaurant Veranda. A great alternative if you are a free-liver and late-riser in your holiday. You have the liberty of making any desired choice at the spacious restaurant that has a capacity for 550 guests.

Restaurant Pino: One of the main restaurants at Rixos Sungate, Restaurant Pino, offers a rich open buffet, different and exotic dishes from world cuisine and a wide range of drinks. Serving breakfast and dinner, the restaurant capacity is 500.

Rixy Kingdom Yummy Restaurant: Every single detail has been considered for children... Children will have fun and parents will have a break from parenting at Rixy Kingdom... Rixy Kingdom Yummy Restaurant takes children's culinary taste seriously: Muffins, snacks, wafers, taffy apples and many other surprises add colour to the choice of dishes.... Boiled vegetables, meat, soup will help you to feed your child(ren) well. Restaurant capacity is 130, and open buffet lunch, fruit, cookies, snacks and fresh & healthy ingredients are served.

La Rosetta Restaurant: Tastes of the blue Mediterranean... Magnificent pizzas, pastas.... Smell of thyme from the mountain heights. A sweet breeze accompanied by live music in the background... Serving à la carte, the restaurant capacity is 80.

Mandarin A’la Carte Restaurant: Everybody will try kuai* one day! Chefs from the Far East, real tastes, a calm environment and simple elegance.... The Far East cuisine is calling you. Serving à la carte, the restaurant capacity is 40. Making a reservation is obligatory. (Paid)

Bonzai A’la Carte Restaurant: Interesting specialties and sushi from the Japanese cuisine... Prepared by competent masters, sushi is the most delicious example of the Japanese cuisine... An indispensible option for dinners, the restaurant capacity is 40. Yet another local taste at Rixos Sungate. (Paid)

Aegean A'la Carte Restaurant: Two similar coasts, and two similar cuisines... Unique tastes from similarities... the Aegean Restaurant offers specialties and appetizers from the Turkish and Greek cuisines. Unforgettable tastes, elegant atmosphere, pleasant chit-chats... The restaurant has a gazebo and its capacity is 70. Making a reservation is obligatory. (Paid)

Restaurant Teppanyaki: For those who are in pursuit of new tastes... Food, far East and Teppanyaki! The world famous Teppanyaki Stone and competent chefs offer a surprising and always-to-remember experience with Japanese grills. Outdoor capacity is 44 at Teppanyaki Restaurant. (Stone food capacity 20, grill concept capacity 24). (Paid)

Mermaid A La Carte Restaurant: You will enjoy a magnificent banquet at Mermaid Restaurant from fresh and most delicious sea food from the fruitful Mediterranean sea. (Paid)

Fantasy Terrace House: A joy of dining by the pool, endulging in different tastes and flavours. Open buffet breakfast of modern Turkish cuisine, and "snack service" from world cuisines, and open buffet dinner in the evening...

Cactus A’la Carte Restaurant: A delicious stop for the evening chill... Cactus À la Carte Restaurant serves the hot and spicy dishes of the Mexican cuisine and delicious fajitas with a backdrop of the spectacular seascape... Restaurant capacity is 90 people.

Restaurant Exclusive: A perfect choice for enjoying privileges... Elegance, authenticity... Very special examples of the French cuisine... Serving à la carte, the Exclusive Restaurant is situated in the VIP Zone, available to the guests staying in "villa" and "special room" categories. Dinners are the gourmet's festival at Exclusive Restaurant. Making a reservation is obligatory.

Alara Snack: Swimming gives an edge to your appetite. Alara Snack has everything to assuage our hunger until dinner time. Serving by the sea, Alara Snack is the master of small delicacies, including baked potato, pita, doner, spaghetti, french fries.

Thai Noodle House: Far Eastern snacks! Do not miss out the chance of trying Far East soups and noodles...

The Dem Coffee & Tea House: The first station to get rid of your tiredness... The Dem Bar is at your service with pleasant recreation area, world famous coffee and tea brands in the gazebo... Enjoy our privileged services...

Lotus Bar: You will feel as if time flies... Lounge music in the background, spirits in the glass... An uninterrupted joy in the company of friendly conversations... Come and stay in the Lotus...

Pool Bar: Warm is the sun, cool is the break... Pool Bar is the first address for day-long refreshing and healthy drinks.

Exclusive Club: Uninterrupted comfort, uninterrupted conversation... A superior entertainment in "VIP Zone"...

Alara Beach Bar: Magnificent sun and sea of the Mediterranean... How do you fancy a refreshing drink while you are sunbathing? Service is as close as your lounge chair at Alara Bar...

Alara Soho Bar 1 - 2: Entertainment begins now! World famous DJs, performers and shows.... You will enjoy a wide range of drinks accompanied by dancing and adrenaline at Alara Show Centre.

Mixology Bar: Enjoy the taste of fruits...

Unique cocktails are the products of master hands of Mixologists that have undergone special trainings with special presentations... Enjoy the fresh touch of fresh fruits...

Piano Bar: Close by Port Queen reception, Piano Bar is the meeting point at Rixos Sungate... Provides services for guide meetings.

VIP Jetty Bar: A customised venue only for you...

Seafront Drinks Kiosk: A colourful fairy tale for children... There are great choices for our little guests on the kids' beach... Special fruit cocktails, fruit juices, ice lash and soft drinks... Kids will love it...

Aqua Bar: Enjoy the water slides on the one hand, and sip from the delicious beverages by the pool on the other hand.

Fantasy Bar: This bar is available only in summer season.(May-Sept)

Vitamin Bar C1-C2: Refreshing drinks and fruity vitamins after a hearty work-out at the fitness centre. Fresh fruit juices and soft drinks are available at C Bar...

Karaoke/Disco Bar: Karaoke Bar provides service inside Chaos Disco and combines the energetic rhythm of music with refreshing sips. Prestigious alcoholic beverages, best cocktails, fruit cocktails add to your entertainment.

Rixy Bar: Children deserve the best of everything... Fruit juices, fruit cocktails and ice-creams... All are available for our little guests within the boundaries of Rixy Club.

Point Bar

Billiards and Bowlings Bars


In a combination of modern architecture and Far East mysticism, Rixos Sungate offers an extraordinary environment for relaxation, and a unique holiday experience crowned by Anjana Spa. Constructed on a giant area of 8000 sqm following the tenets of the “Feng Shui” philosophy, Rixos Sungate Anjana Spa as awarded with a set of national and international awards not only for its size but also for its wide range of service options. Rixos Sungate Anjana SPA offers Far East therapies in addition to all kinds of European massages and cares. Furthermore, customized care and health programs are prepared depending on the needs and wants of the guests. The SPA Centre provides world therapy applications in a mixed care concept composed of European massages. Rixos Sungate Anjana SPA offers therapeutic practices with classical massages, hydrotherapy, Ericson Laboratoire care and instrumented massage technique. Skin and body cares with Bruno Vassari, Alisse Bronte and Thalissi products are only available at Rixos hotels in Turkey. Specialized aestheticians perform skin and body care sessions in private cabins.

Massage Parlours: Cleansing body scrubs, Ottoman Turkish bath rituals, Swedish massage , Intensive therapy massage, Aromatherapy, Deep tissue massage, Mom to be massage, Asian Mandara massages, 4 hands Sultan massage, Mono de Tahiti massage, Hawaii Lomi Lomi massage, Thai massages , Bali massages , Chinese massage and head & body practices, Manuel therapies, Hot stone therapy , Indian therapies , Rixy Kid massage

Therapy Parlour: Balneo therapy, Algae therapy, Moss room , Antioxidant Kianty body practices, Cleopatra bathroom , Detox green tea body practices, Grape bathroom

Beauty Saloon: Intensive and exclusive skin care, Intensive and exclusive body care, Gold and emerald care, Instrumented skin and body care, Deluxe eye and décolleté care, Customised sports and care packages

Hairdressers: Manicure, Pedicure, Hair cut, Hair care, Wax, Beard shaving


Swedish Massage: Rigid taps, rubbing and circular movements awake your body either in part or in full. It regulates the blood pressure, helps soften the painful muscles, accelerates the bloodstream, relaxes the body. Swedish massage rejuvenates tissues and cells, helps you to get rid of fatigue and stress. Massage Duration: 50 minutes – 70 minutes – 100 minutes

Thai Massage: Thai massage is composed of rhythmical pressure and follows the energy lines of the body at a slow pace. Along the most important ten energy lines, the palm, thumbs, elbows and feet are used to apply a certain level of pressure. The pressure releases the body tension. Masseuse/masseur gently shakes the body to open the joints and to facilitate stretching. Massage Duration: 50 minutes – 70 minutes – 100 minutes

Bali Massage: Traditional Bali massage technique is applied by using a set of oil accompanied by long, flexible and effective touches. The oils help to accelerate the bloodstream, oxygen and energy flow of the body. Penetrating through the superficial layers of muscles, the massage ends with an in-depth awakening. Massage Duration: 50 minutes – 70 minutes – 100 minutes

Hot Stone Massage: Hot stones of volcanic structure that lock and maintain the heat are used for this massage. After the stone-rubbing session, you will feel thoroughly relaxed. Hot stone massage soothes muscular pain and accelerates the bloodstream due to the heat. Massage Duration: 70 minutes

Indian Massage: This is essentially a herbal massage. Indian massage is particularly recommended for those who have lost the body resistance due to a weak immune system, lack of vitamins or severe treatments. Aromatic oils are used for this massage. Massage Duration: 70 minutes

Balneo Therapy Balneo therapy is a stimulating method striving to build up harmony. It uses natural therapeutic factors in the form of baths, drinking and inhalation cures. During the hot spring cure, natural therapeutic factors are "healing waters" extracted below the ground, as well as mud and climatic elements. "Healing water", that is, thermal and mineral water are the most common of natural therapeutic elements. Natural mud and gases are other elements that are used. Massage Duration: 30 minutes

Moss Room: Recognised as one of the ancient methods used in Europe, the moss therapy is used for skin firming, anti-cellulite and local fat loss. Containing 10 times more oligo elements than sea water, the moss moisturises, purifies, nourishes and balances the skin when applied.

Cleopatra Bathroom: We reveal all beauty secrets of Cleopatra, who was a woman most keen on her beauty in her time. Peeling, body-wrapping and special moisturisers will heal your body and your soul.

SPA & WELLNESS SERVICES: Turkish bath, Finnish bath, Steam room, Recreation room, Cleopatra massage room, Classical massage rooms, Balneo therapy, Hydro massage rooms, Moss therapy, Afizyon room, Indoor swimming pool, Skin and body care rooms, Thai massage rooms, European massage rooms, Ayurveda and Aura rooms, VIP dock private massage sections

Entertainment & Mini Club


RETRO PARTY: Unforgettable songs withstanding the times are combined with the rhythm of the music at Rixos Sungate... With the most popular tunes of the 80s and the 90s, you are invited to a fantastic journey back in time at Oldies & Goldies.

TODES : A dazzling mix of musical shows, ballet and break dance awaits the guests of Rixos Hotel. Being one of the most significant groups in its field, Todes got recognition with its performances in international organizations. Todes worked with world famous stars, such as Michael Jackson,Mariah Carey and Ricky Martin.

BBI. EXTREME: A spectacular adrenaline show presented by professional athletes and dancers… Dance, roller skate, bike shows and stunt shows, all in one…

RIXOS DANCE SHOW: 22 professional dancers... Acrobatic & Dance shows... Twice a week... During all summer season.

SWING LATINO: Swing Latino has been put together by director,dancer and choreographer Luis Eduardo Hernandez at the end of the 90s. Swing Latino, which is one of the most prominent dance and show groups in the world, took the stage in many countries and put forth unforgettable dance shows for thousands of spectators. The group, which received awards in many global dance contests, will meet the guests of Rixos Hotels with their unique shows.

AMAZING POOL PARTY: Join us for crazy splahing fun. Let’s be cool and hang out by the pool and enjoy the music. Summer is here, so let’s have some fun.

SPORTS & ACTIVITIES: Aqua Park: A thrilling aqua park experience is awaiting you. There are 11 water slides, 5 of which are for professional use. Come and join us for a different excitement. The swimming pools that are 110 cm deep and covering an area of 344 sqm will let you have a real experience of entertainment. There is also a magnificent aqua park for little guests. 6 different water slides will make the kids' day. The swimming pool at the Rixy Kingdom aqua park is 45 cm deep. Swimming Pool: Rixos Sungate has 12 swimming pools, 10 of which are outdoor and 2 indoor. All swimming pools have 140 cm depth in compliance with the world standards. Outdoor swimming pools cover a total area of 7.386 sqm. You are most welcome to enjoy unlimited services provided by Rixos Sungate. Terrace House swimming pool covers 299 sqm, the outdoor swimming pool in the main building covers 274 sqm. Both of them have maximum 140 cm depth. Fitness Centre: Shaping up and working out in comfortable places at Rixos Sungate! The fitness centre opens at 8 am every day and closes at 8 pm. Treat yourself with customised programmes under supervision of specialised trainers and consultants. An unprecedented comfort and state-of-the-art equipment as well as products are available for you: Treadmill, vertical elliptical trainer, horizontal elliptical trainer, rowing, step, multipurpose GYM instruments, dumbbell rack, dumbbell sets, chest press, shoulder press, leg press, seated row, leg extension, leg curl, flat bench, vertical knee raise, adjustable bench... Football pitch: Enjoy playing football directed by a referee on an artificial turf pitch in the hotel area every day. Basketball court: With its tartan ground for multipurpose use, the basketball court at Rixy Kingdom will add to your pleasure of enjoying your time. Tennis courts: Rixos Sungate tennis club has 4 tartan and 1 synthetic tennis court. The courts are lighted and open all day long until the evening hours. You can hire tennis equipment or get a private tennis course. Go-Kart track: Go-Kart track provides paid services between 10 am and midnight every day. Enjoy speeding up and the adrenalin boost on the go-kart track, which is accessible by shuttle services. Archery area: You can join the archery activities under supervision of the archery trainer at the specially designed area with a spectacular view every day. Enjoy your time. Shooting range: Beauty of the emerald green nature and superior concentration are combined. You can join air rifle and air gun activities under supervision of a trainer every day. Zip Line: Adrenaline rise at Rixos Sungate... ZipLine is inexplicably exciting. It is the first and only zipline in Turkey, the first one in the world hotels' concept, and is the longest in Europe. The 360 m long zipline adventure begins upon the hotel building and ends on the beach. "Junior track" designed for children is equally exciting. A sports activity performed by sliding on a rope tightened in between two points of different heights, with the help of one's own weight and gravity.

SPORTS ACTIVITIES: Fitness Centre, Billiards, Go-Kart, Tennis (4 tartan and 1 synthetic court), PlayStation (Free), Bowling (Paid), Zipline Track (long line paid), Parasailing (Paid), Banana (Paid), Water slide (Paid), JetSki (Paid), Parasailing (Paid), Canoe, Diving academy (Paid), Windsurfing (Paid. Free for licensed surfers), Catamaran and surfing courses (Paid), Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Beach Volley, Dance Course, Water Polo, Pool Games, Water Volley and Water Basketball, Morning Gymnastics, Step and Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga Courses, Archery, Shooting, Table tennis, Badminton, Kangoo Jumps, Darts, Mini Golf, Jogging (Hotel jogging tour), Zumba.


Rixos Sungate is a fairy tale world for children... Children will step into a giant world of 20 thousand square meter at Rixy Kingdom. They will spend educative and entertaining hours during Rixy Club activities, take part in aqua games, art work and contests, and live their holiday to the full... What else is there? Carnival event: Colourful and a wide range of costumes, musical instruments and songs for an entertaining and exiting kids' carnival. Making masks: Handicraft and fun in combination. How do you like making a mask of cartoon characters or produce animals? Rixy Disco: Rixy Disco proudly offers: music, entertainment, dance and plenty of laughter guaranteed...

RIXY CLUB SERVICES: Rixy Check-in Desk, Rixy Club Antibacterial floor, Rixy Mini Farm, Rixy Talent Contest, Mini Disco, Treasure Hunt Playground, Rixy Movie Theatre, Rixy Kingdom Yummy Restaurant, Face Dying, Land and Pool Olympics, Flower and Planting, Mini Golf, Water Slide Kids' Pool (Special Aqua park), Kids' Fair, Children Care System, T-Shirt Dying, Acrobatics Courses, Football Courses, Inflatable Playground, Mini Zoo, Child Care, Dance Academy, Kids' Shows.

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Things to do - general

Kemer is a small county of Antalya, at the Mediterranean Coast. Kemer was a village up until the beginning of the 1980s, but with the facilites that have opened in the last 20 years, Kemer is now the most important tourism centers of Turkey.

Sports and nature

Sports and nature Tennis, Football, Water Sports, Golf, Basketball


Nightlife You can find a night club for your taste in Kemer.

Culture and history

Culture & history Kemer is very rich in culture and history. It is the home of a lot of historical ruins and ancient city.
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