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Villa types

  • Superior Villa

    Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Servant Room

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    Facilities: 300 m2, Air Conditioning, Telephone, Television, Wifi, Minibar, Private Pool, Terrace

    Villas privileges: Butler, VIP Transfer, Laundry Service, Pavillion, Daily Newspapers

  • Pool Villa

    Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room

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    Facilities: 86 m2, Air Conditioning, Minibar, Television, Telephone, Refrigirator, Private Pool, Hot Tub, Terrace, Wifi

    Villas privileges: Fruit Service on Arrival

  • Executive Villa

    Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room

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    Facilities: Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Guest Room

    Villas privileges: Butler, VIP Transfer, Laundry Service, Daily Newspapers


Food & Beverages Services

Turquoise Main Restaurant. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner the main restaurant offers a rich open buffet with dishes from the international cuisine. Providing a capacity for 800 people, the restaurant adds culinary delights to your holidays.

Veranda Main Restaurant: Having a capacity for 150 people, the Veranda Restaurant serves excellent dishes from around the world for breakfast and dinner. Breakfast and dinner are served in an open buffet.

Exclusive Club: Welcoming its guests throughout the day, the Exclusive Club provides à la carte service. Offering the most distinguished examples from the international cuisine, the restaurant provides free 24h service for guests accommodated in the villas.

Food Court: The Food Court is an excellent choice for lunch, offering a variety of dishes. The restaurant serves Turkish pastry between 11.00 and 16.00, snack buffet between 12.00 and 16.00 and tea time, noodles, sandviches and hamburgers between 16.00 and 18.00.

Yummy Restaurant: The perfect option for children and parents, the Yummy Kids' Restaurant offers nutritious, healthy and delicious dishes at the Rixos Premium Tekirova. Starting with lunch, we spoil our little guests with snacks, fruits and cookies throughout the day.

Ice-Cream House: Enjoy a cold ice cream in the summer heat. Cup ice creams and waffles add sweet flavors to your holidays.

La Rosetta Restaurant: Enjoy the delicious breeze of Italy at the Rixos Premium Tekirova. The La Rosetta Restaurant has an indoor capacity of 40 and an outdoor capacity of 60 people, offering an excellent à la carte menu.

Mandarin Restaurant: Feel the magic of the Far East at the Mandarin Restaurant.

Cactus Restaurant: The best flavors from the South American cuisine are combined with the soft breeze of the Mediterranean Sea. The most distinctive dishes from the South American cuisine are presented at the Cactus Restaurant.

Ala Turka Restaurant: Unique flavors from the Turkish cuisine are revealed at the Alaturka Restaurant. Old recipes, which have survived until today, show the richness of the Turkish cuisine and are prepared by our master chefs.

Mermaid Restaurant: Enjoy a magnificent banquet at the Mermaid Restaurant, which serves fresh and the most delicious seafood of the Mediterranean Sea.

Lobby Bar: The Lobby Bar is a special place with a wide range of drinks, where all your wishes come true.

Lotus Bar: Enjoy your time at the Lotus Bar accompanied by friendly chats.

XPress Bar: Premium class drinks and alcoholic drinks.

Highlights Bar: Enjoy an exceptionally good time by the pool and chill out with unique cocktails and a wide range of drinks at the Highlights Bar.

The Dem Cafe: You will never get enough of the coffee prepared by the baristas and the high quality teas at the The Dem Cafe...

Private Lounge: All drinks of the concept and wide choise of snacks in Private Lounge for Villa guests.

Beach Bar: Cool off the summer heat with light cocktails, cold towels, frozen yogurt and ice-cream at the Beach Bar.

Chaos Disco: The Chaos Disco is the place where the heart of entertainment beats while listening to the world famous DJ performances, sipping from alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails and enjoying a wide range of drinks.

Yummy Bar: The Yummy Bar serves healthy drinks for our little guests at the Rixy Club.


Massage Parlor: Classic Massage, Indian Massage, Thai Massage, Chocolate Massage, Hot Stone Massage, European Massage

Therapy Parlor: Balneo Therapy, Algae Therapy, Moss Therapy

Beauty Salon: Skin Care , Hairdresser, Manicure, Pedicure, Haircut, Hair care, Wax, Beard shaving

Thai Massage: The Thai massage is composed of rhythmical pressure and stretches along the energy lines of the body at a slow pace. Along the most important ten energy lines, it concentrates on applying a certain level of pressure by palm, thumbs, elbows and feet. The pressure releases body tension. The masseuse/masseur gently shakes the body to mobilize the knuckles, joints and to facilitate stretching. Massage Duration: 50 minutes – 70 minutes – 100 minutes

Bali Massage: The traditional Bali massage technique is applied by using a set of oil accompanied by long, flexible and effective strokes. The oils help to accelerate blood stream, oxygen and the energy flow of the body. The massage reaches through the surface layers of the skin. Massage Duration: 50 minutes – 70 minutes – 100 minutes

Hot Stone Massage: Hot stones of volcanic origin, preserving the heat, are used for this massage. After the stone-rubbing session you will feel relaxed and refreshed, since the massage eases muscle pain and accelerates your blood stream. Massage Duration: 70 minutes

Indian Massage: This is essentially a herbal massage. The Indian massage is particularly recommended for those who have lost their body resilience due to a weak immune system, lack of vitamins and severe treatments. Aromatic oils are used for this massage. Massage Duration: 70 minutes

Balneo Therapy: The Balneo therapy is a therapy in form of drinking and inhalation. Used within the scope of hot spring cures, natural therapeutic factors are natural "healing water" extracted below the ground, as well as mud and climatic elements. "Healing water", that is, thermal or mineral water is the most common natural therapeutic element. Natural mud and gases are other elements used for this therapy. Massage Duration: 30 minutes

Moss Room: Recognized as one of the ancient methods, the moss therapy is used for skin firming, anti-cellulite and local fat loss. Containing 10 folds more oligo elements than sea water, the moss moisturizes, purifies, nourishes and balances the skin.

Free Services: Tropical Rain Room, Snow Room, Turkish Bath, Steam Room, Finnish Sauna, Bio Bath, Recreation Area, Services Extra Charge, Seaweed Therapies, Skin Care, Manicure, Indian Massage, Thai Massage, Pedicure, Chocolate Massage, Foam & rubbing at the Turkish Bath, Special SPA Packages, Jet Shower, Hydropool, VIP Massage Parlor

Entertainment & Mini Club

Every single member of the Rixy club will be awarded with a special Rixy passport which is valid in every Rixos hotel you visit all around the world. A special zone for kids named “Rixy Beach” will definitely make the time you spend on the beach with your family more pleasant. The Yummy Children restaurant is a special place separated from the main restaurant where you and your children can always find healthy and tasty meals. The Rixy Club will impress you with its enormous and fabulous children playground equipped with an amphitheater, swimming pools and aquaparks, playground complex, extreme climbing wall, rope scope activity park, play rooms for all age groups, sleeping room for babies, baby play room with an unbelievable variety of different developmental toys and antibacterial floor cover, dance room, playstation and Xbox rooms, computer room, cinema and creativity center.

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Things to do - general

Kemer is a small county of Antalya, at the Mediterranean Coast. Kemer was a village up until the beginning of the 1980s, but with the facilites that have opened in the last 20 years, Kemer is now the most important tourism centers of Turkey.

Sports and nature

Sports and nature Tennis, Football, Water Sports, Golf, Basketball


Nightlife You can find a night club for your taste in Kemer.

Culture and history

Culture & history Kemer is very rich in culture and history. It is the home of a lot of historical ruins and ancient city.
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